See For Miles SEE CD 234    (CD)
Released  1989
Hooker 'N Heat

Boogie chillen No.2   (1970)
Bottle up and go   (1970)
Burning hell   (1970)
Drifter   (1970)
I got my eyes on you   (1970)
Just you and me   (1970)
Let's make it   (1970)
Meet me in the bottom   (1970)
Messin' with the Hook   (1970)
Peavine   (1970)
Send me your pillow   (1970)
The feelin' is gone   (1970)
The world today   (1970)
Whiskey and wimmen   (1970)
You talk too much   (1970)

Reissue of Liberty LP 35002 'Alimonia blues' and 'Sittin' here thinkin'' are omitted